Epic Duel Brings In New Legendary Gear To The Legendary Shop In Titan’s Peak

Epic Duel Brings In New Legendary Gear To The Legendary Shop In Titan’s Peak
Credit: Artix Entertainment

It’s time for more Legendaries in Epic Duel. In this week’s update, the team is delivering some new inventory to the Legendary shops in Titan’s Peak.

This update brings in the Radiant Restock, granting some new gear designed by artist Junny Osan, who created a number of seasonal items. The Epic Duel team also introduced some new radiant gear items, which are rare items of the Legendary status designed by Bido. Both Junny Osan and Bido are guest artists for Epic Duel, so anything they bring to the game is always a treat for players.

Both Junny Osan and Bido have characters in Epid Duel, as one would expect of the Artix Entertainment staff. Junny Osan’s character is a level 40 blood mage, wears a lot of gear he’s designed, along with gear that other staff members have designed.

Junny Osan and Bido, like most of the Artix Staff, were fans first and staff members second.  So anything they design is as much a labor of love as it is for payment.

Bido is a level 35 tech mage, and though his inventory is smaller than Junny Osan’s, it is no less impressive. He too wears gear he designed himself, as well as gear that other artists designed for the game.

Junny Osan’s gear can be found at the Krampus Trader and includes a number of weapons. All of them are “Ice ear” weapons, which include the Ice Bear Blaster P, the Ice Bear Blaster E, the Ice Bear Bazooka P, the  Ice Bear Bazooka E, the Ice Bear Blades P, the Ice Bear Blades E, the Ice Bear Maul P, the Ice Bear Maul E, the Ice Bear Staff P and the Ice Bear Staff E.

As for Bido’s Legendary Arsenal, these include the Radiant Brutalizer P and the Radiant Brutalizer E.

Bido’s Legendary Arsenal also includes the Exquisite Legendary Arsenal, which includes the Radiant Golem and the   Radiant Golem CC.

Bido also designed some new Hairstyles, the Radiant Golem hairstyle, and the Radiant Golem CC hairstyle.

And in the Secret Package Update, the team has, by popular demand, brought back some Secret Package equipment. Secret Package recipients will receive a CC version of the Wolf Warrior Armor, the Omega Wolf Warrior CC. The Omega Wolf Warrior Armor from last year will now be known as the Caped Omega Wolf Warrior CC.

All of these grants Epic Duel players more unique items for their characters. Fans of Epic Duel won’t want to miss out on this Radiant Restock for the game.