Dreams Has A New Community Mode Called All Hallows’ Dreams

Dreams Has A New Community Mode Called All Hallows’ Dreams
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Dreamshas been a pretty incredible game creation system for the PS4. Developed by Media Molecule, this platform essentially lets gamers turn their ‘dreams’ into real-life creations. From mini-games to interesting puzzles, there are no limits to what players can create and enjoy in Dreams.

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It has managed to get better with time as users get more accustomed to the in-depth settings and systems. The creation platform is also fantastic because there are always new things for users to look forward to.

Considering that Halloween is a couple of days out, it’s only right that there would be some Halloween-themed content for users to enjoy. And fortunately, you don’t have to look too hard because the content has been put into a new package called All Hallows’ Dreams. To celebrate its release, a new trailer was put out on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

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Some fan-favorite horror references have been recreated by passionate fans. You have the ghostly girl from The Ring, some deadly Venus flytraps, possessed dolls, and much more. If you’ve waited for an exciting way to celebrate all that is spooky around this time of year in a video game, All Hallows’ Dreams clearly has you covered.

There are different activities that Dreams users can check out in this community mode too. You have a haunted arcade, spooky maze, and short games with Halloween-themes. That’s not all. Users also have the opportunity to get their very own Halloween-themed imp until October 31st. You have a lot of great offerings like a mummy and skeleton.

These latest creations are just a testament to the amazing potential of Dreams. There are those that have a thirst for creating, seeing their ideas turn into actual working elements in video game form. Dreamslets these creators do all kinds of things.

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And you don’t have to be a creator to enjoy everything Dreams has to offer. You can simply be a consumer and check out the endless amount of creations any time you want. The content just keeps rolling in and it doesn’t seem like it will stop any time soon.

Who knows what else is on the horizon as we still have Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate? For now, though, the community has plenty of Halloween-themed goodies to keep them busy. It’s the perfect way to get excited about a holiday that has seriously been affected by a pandemic that is still a major concern on a global scale.