Zelter Is A New Zombie Action Adventure Available On Steam Early Access

Zelter Is A New Zombie Action Adventure Available On Steam Early Access
Credit: Steam XO

Zelter is an upcoming zombie experience told through a unique pixel art environment. Enter into a world of zombie action, adventure, and survival as Zelter enters Steam Early Access. Gather tools, fight zombies and enjoy a colorful take on the end of all humanity.

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This game combines the gruesome horror of zombies with a light and enjoyable pixel art environment. Enjoy creepy and upbeat music that twist together to give this game a unique tone despite its zombie-filled experience. This game comes into existence after a successful crowdfunding campaign, and now thousands of fans can enter into the zombie-filled world for an Early Access look at this unique title.

In Zelter, the zombie apocalypse can be a tough situation to figure out. Although it takes place in this cute pixel universe, it is still as deadly and horrible as usual. Defend your home, save people, and try a new look at crafting in this survival experience.

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Zelter lets you create your own home and manage several resources as you try and craft a safe haven in a zombie-filled world. Create a hatchet, then develop better tools as you immerse yourself in a full and fulfilling combat system.

Meet other survivors and build a crew of people who can help you survive. Direct them to craft supplies, guard positions, and even accompany you on the hunt for supplies. The goal is to build an impenetrable fortress against the zombie horde that is waiting only a few feet away.

Out of any zombie simulation, Zelter is probably one of the cutest. From the design of the zombies to the world itself, this game takes full advantage of pixels to make the game much more friendly than it should be.

Aside from that, the game development is driven by fans. As fans continue to present feedback and ideas, the developers work tirelessly to improve the game making it an even stronger experience for fans all over the world. The game only survives as long as there is a sustainable audience there to support it.

So dive into the unique story, random adventures, and exciting action within Zelter. This zombie experience is unlike any other, so prepare to learn on the go as the horde hunts you down and tries to eat you.

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This is a mature game so be warned. Zombies are graphic and gory so any fan should expect nothing less from a title like this.

Zelter is available on Steam for only $19.99.