Little Nightmares 2 Has A Frightening New Trailer Just In Time For Halloween

Little Nightmares 2 Has A Frightening New Trailer Just In Time For Halloween
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

We’re quickly approaching October 31st, a fan-favorite holiday as it’s a time when people get to celebrate all that is scary and haunting. This time of year also is amazing for gamers that are fans of horror games.

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From epic teasers to new releases, October always has something in store for gamers fond of scary elements. It’s appropriate that Little Nightmares 2 — the upcoming suspenseful platformer — also has a new Halloween-themed trailer. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

We see the game’s main protagonist — Mono — travel through some creepy environments with his companion Six. They’ve found themselves in a haunting Hospital that by the looks of the trailer, was inspired by the Silent Hill series. That’s pretty clear when they get to the hallways with large arms trying to grab them.

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It’s a pretty great direction that the developer could go down. Whether it was intentional or not, the Silent Hill direction gives Little Nightmares 2 a dark and interesting atmosphere that ups the tension you’ll feel as you figure out a way out for Mono.

The large threats looming around the hospital really stand out and are impressive in scale compared to the smaller Mono and Six. That looks like a very compelling aspect of Little Nightmares 2. Everything has a fantasy-like element that you would only expect to find in perhaps a bad dream.

The puzzle elements also stood out in the trailer. To reach certain areas, you have to think on your feet and sometimes use both Mono and Six to figure out the right paths moving forward.

Considering Halloween is just days away, this Halloween-themed trailer is an amazing way for the developer to highlight the promising potential of Little Nightmares 2. It still isn’t coming out until February 2021, but while the developer still has some time, they can do their best to feature different aspects.

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It has gotten the survival-horror community buzzing about its potential already. Whether you like solving puzzles or just are looking for a spooky adventure where threats are larger than life, Little Nightmares 2 looks like an amazing next-gen title for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Only a couple of more months now before fans can see its true potential. The developer has taken some elements found in the original and doubled down on the creep factor in this sequel. That leaves fans wondering what horrors await Mono and Six as they do their best to survive.