Minecraft Snapshot 20W28A: A Snapshot That Brings The Ability To Create Custom Biomes!

Minecraft Snapshot 20W28A: A Snapshot That Brings The Ability To Create Custom Biomes!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft just released the Nether update. This update entirely largely re-worked the fiery deception! This update had changed the mobs, the various structures when compared to before, where the Nether only contained the Nether fortress, and the biomes have gone through various changes. This update was released back on June 23rd, and many players have been enjoying it!

Some gameplay changes that have taken place in the Snapshot 20W28A include adding the ability to use the Nether’s Blackstone to craft Brewing stand, and now when the Totem of Undying is activated, it will give the player fire resistance status effect for a total of 40 seconds when activated.

Mojang Studios also made it so when Villagers join a village, setting a home bed or getting a job profession, they emit green particles to let the player notice when a Villager’s status has changed.

These changes may be minor when compared to the Nether Update but smaller changes that keep the game exciting and changes how players might prepare for the Nether.

This snapshot doesn’t just offer some minor gameplay changes, but also adds an incredible, and experimental, feature into Minecraft. This feature is the ability to have custom world generation, in your Minecraft folder called data packs, there is now a folder called worldgen.

In this folder, there is a long list of different folders which have all have various features. Some examples of these are the biomes folder, which contains biome definitions, the configured_carver folder can contain definitions for the world carver settings, and the configured_structure_feature folder can contain definitions for the various definitions for structure placements.

This allows for even more customization of your Minecraft world. The customization is ideal for modders and server owners that may want a specific world for either various games or as a server hub.

Another feature is the fact that the dedicated servers can now rate-limit clients as well. Dedicated servers can now kick clients that consistently send too many packets within a second. The rate-limit settings can be controlled through the server.properties and the default rate-limit of zero, which means that there is no limit.

This new snapshot, the snapshot 20W28A, also fixed a variety of different bugs that could have been introduced in the recent Nether update.