Killing Floor 2 Is Free On The Epic Games Store Until July 16

Killing Floor 2 Is Free On The Epic Games Store Until July 16
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

The Epic Games Store is at it again with their free offerings. This time, it’s a trio of great games. One of these includes Killing Floor 2 by Tripwire Interactive.

It’s available right now for free and it will stay that way until July 16. That means you have nearly a week left to add this 6-player co-op zombie title to your collection. There are a lot of games in this space, but Killing Floor 2 is one of the more original and beloved.

Its concept is pretty simple, but oh so addicting. Players have the chance to team up with others to defeat waves of creatures known as Zeds. They have taken over the better part of Europe thanks to the outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech.

As far as the Zeds you’ll be going up against, they’re much stronger and smarter compared to the Zeds in the original. That means you and your team will have to work closely together and slay these Zeds quickly before they have the chance to tear you apart.

The more waves you defeat, the more perks and weapons you’ll be able to unlock. From tactical rifles to incredibly clever makeshift knives, there are no shortages on how you can approach combat.

It’s particular graphic too. You can tear limbs off Zeds and decapitate them with a well-timed slice. The visceral nature definitely makes Killing Floor 2 stand out from the pack in this popular genre.

The developer also has given you plenty of ways to approach the brutal combat. You can sit back from a safe distance with an assault rifle or get your hands dirty with some melee-based weapons. It’s entirely up to you.

Killing Floor 2 even has a popular survival mode, which features 12-player PvP action. It’s humans versus Zeds in the ultimate showdown. As a Zed, you’ll have superior capabilities. If you end up on the human side, you’ll have to work as a cohesive unit. Best of all, players have the chance to switch sides so that no one has an unfair advantage.

It’s not often that a game like Killing Floor 2 gets offered for free so when it does, it’s worth jumping at the opportunity. You can even play this game solo if you like a little bit more difficult. If all of this action sounds enticing, you can simply visit the Epic Games Store right now and download your free copy. You have a couple of more days before this amazing deal disappears.