Disco Elysium Is Now Being Offered On The Epic Games Store

Disco Elysium Is Now Being Offered On The Epic Games Store
Credit: Disco Elysium via YouTube

One of the more surprising hit games to come out in 2019 was the role-playing game Disco Elysium. It has gone on to achieve a cult-like following thanks to its distinct visuals, diverse skill systems, and epic story lines.

The game has been out on Steam since this past October, but it is now also available on the Epic Games Store. This announcement comes from ZA/UM in a recent Guerrilla Collective livestream.

It’s a pretty big pick up for Epic Games, which has gained a lot of momentum these past couple of months. Their store is constantly adding freebies for PC gamers to pick up and securing exclusive deals.

If you haven’t yet checked out Disco Elysium, it really is a great crime-themed RPG that will give you plenty of thrilling content to look forward to.

You play as a detective, who’s tasked with cleaning up the streets. Of course, you have different ways to approach being a detective.

You can stay on the straight and narrow path and do things like a law-abiding detective would.  Or you can get your hands dirty and sink down to the level of your enemies, getting justice and ridding society of its toxic waste.

How you approach interrogations and NPC interactions is completely up to you. That’s why Disco Elysium has gone on to achieve so much success since it released. There is never a limit on what you can do.

The choices you make do have consequences too. Step on the wrong feet and you’ll be regretting your choices rather quickly. Play your cards right and you can become the hero that your city deserves.

As mentioned above, the skill trees give you plenty to work with. They’ll impact your abilities, whether it’s being able to coerce individuals more effectively or having a strength advantage.

The game also isn’t afraid to go there in terms of sex, drugs, and violence. Nothing is off limits and that just gives you all the more opportunities to experience a hard-hitting game that never takes its foot off the gas pedal.

Being able to pick it up on the Epic Game Store is a great thing too. More PC gamers will get to experience its never-ending raw action that just keeps delivering epic characters and plots. Just make sure you’re ready to make those hard decisions when the time comes. Either way, it’s all on you how things shake out in Disco Elysium.