PlayStation’s Jim Ryan Hints At A Wealth Of Upcoming Games For The PlayStation 5 In Recent BBC Interview

PlayStation’s Jim Ryan Hints At A Wealth Of Upcoming Games For The PlayStation 5 In Recent BBC Interview
Credit: PlayStation via Twitter

The PlayStation has kept in the news lately after the recent reveal of the official appearance of the console. After a decent number of prototypes and hypothetical models made the rounds around the internet, having the official appearance revealed caused quite the hype train.

Most of this was memes, as it always is. Per usual, the majority of the gaming community found some reason or another to make fun of the new console design, comparing it to a wifi-router. Which, to be fair, is pretty accurate.

In a recent interview with BBC, chief executive Jim Ryan discussed the future of the console and what players should expect. Discussing the appearance of the console as well as the hefty catalog of games on the way, Ryan had quite a bit to say.

In reference to the now-memed appearance, Ryan stated that the PlayStation has a place in the living area of most homes, and that a graceful design was paramount to such a setting. As to whether the team accomplished a graceful design, Ryan seems confident that they did.

Those that watched the recent PlayStation reveal likely noticed that there was a strange mix of games. Huge franchises and indie studios seemed to join together to bring a myriad of different titles to the presentation.

“We wanted triple-A games that would fully demonstrate the horsepower of the machine,” Ryan stated. “But some of these smaller games are making very cool and innovative use of the new features of the console.”

Ryan discusses that they planned for the show to give a wider sense of the massive range of experiences that’ll be available on the PlayStation 5. With such a wide array of games shown, that sense can come through more clearly.

Bookending the question, Ryan states that “this is just the start. There are so many more games that we have in development.”

Naturally, this has only thrown more fuel into the fires of the hype train. The PlayStation 5 seems to have made backwards compatibility and a massive library of games one of the primary selling points. With each big news reveal of the console, it seems the library only grows larger and larger.

As we move closer and closer to the release, we’ll see what else Sony has in mind for their legendary console. With any luck, this new generation of consoles will be as fantastic as the community has been led to believe.