Torchlight 3 Releases In Early Access To Generally Negative Reviews

Torchlight 3 Releases In Early Access To Generally Negative Reviews
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Fans of the Torchlight series have been waiting quite some time to finally see the release of Torchlight 3. Now that it’s finally arrived – in early access, to be specific, – fans are excited to see what the wait was over.

And fans, unfortunately, seem significantly disappointed.

Torchlight 3 released to Steam Early Access yesterday, and was swiftly swarmed with several thousand players eager to get their hands on the highly-anticipated title. It doesn’t seem to have taken very long for fans to have decided that they don’t like it.

As of writing this, Torchlight 3 sits at a “mostly negative” standing after more than 1,700 reviews. On one hand, it seems surprising that players could possibly have had enough time to form an opinion, given that the game has barely been out a full 24 hours.

In fact, the hate could be a solid bit of bandwagoning given that many of the Steam reviews were posted after less than an hour of playtime. Still, plenty have managed to put in a good number of hours, likely playing it from the moment it released to now.

Normally, it might be seen as a bandwagoning of hate given the short time period, but many of the reviews say the same thing, which lends credence to the negativity. Most are critiquing the design of the game itself, likening it to mobile games.

Some are saying that the game clearly started development as a free-to-play “freemium” title similar to Warframe‘s model, where players could play for free in a game filled with microtransactions. Additionally, the combat and elements of the game seem more in line with a mobile title than a typical ARPG.

That isn’t to say that the design is all that players are upset about. As the title is early access, it’s literally unfinished, which leads to a great number of issues with the title. Many reviews are focused on game-breaking bugs and crashes that make it unplayable, with the servers being in no better condition.

But to say that it’s all negativity would be dishonest, as there’s still many hundred positive reviews – primarily from people that have put more time in the game, which lends quite a bit more reliability to the statements.

Many players are praising the gameplay as fun and casual, and while there are definitely rampant connection issues to contend with at the moment, the game underneath seems to be enjoyable to plenty. Once the servers and connection issues have been properly addressed, the game underneath may be exactly what you’re looking for!