ASUS Uncovers Its TUF Gaming VG279Q1R Monitor – 27 Inch Full HD, 1080p, A 144Hz Refresh Rate And More

ASUS Uncovers Its TUF Gaming VG279Q1R Monitor – 27 Inch Full HD, 1080p, A 144Hz Refresh Rate And More
Credit: ASUS

ASUS has recently announced the TUF Gaming VG279Q1R monitor that comes with a 27-inch display and a refresh rate of about 144 Hz.

It also has the ASUS’S ELMB and AMD FreeSync Premium support.

One exciting thing about this monitor is its gamer-designed features such as GamePlus that gives this monitor FPS counter, Multi-display alignment, and hardware crosshair. Also, the stand allows you to tilt the monitor as desired, with a VESA wall mount.

This monitor (TUF Gaming-VG279Q1R) shows a 1920 X 1080 resolution, with a 144Hz refresh rate. Also, the high refresh rate helps in running high-end action games and gamers alike.

Furthermore, the ASUS TUF Gaming VG279Q1R comes with support for ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur or ELMB technology, which its purpose is allowing the monitor has a little 1 ms response time.

This motion blur technology helps in dissipating any smearing and blurring. It also makes moving objects look sharper, like combat or high action moments in the game. The AMD FreeSync Premium enables seamless gameplay, one that is extremely fluid with no screen buffering, screen stuttering, or screen tearing.

There’s more to the TUF Gaming VG279Q1R; it also features a tiny bezel that makes it the ideal monitor for users/gamers wanting to build a multi-monitor setup—this bezel is called the Turbo Rim.

What makes it cooler is that it is somewhat portable; by this, it takes up very little desktop space, with an ultra-slim casing that measures at 7.5mm at the thinnest point in the monitor.

While the external qualities make it a great gaming monitor, it also comes with five in-game enhancements, which include; GamePlus, Ultra-low blue light technology, Shadow Boost, and Flicker-Free technology.

Shadow Boost
The ASUS Shadow Boost technology helps in brightening dark areas of the game at the same time maintaining the contrast without overexposing already-brighter areas, improving overall viewing during gameplay.

It also helps in spotting enemies in hidden areas.

This feature provides in-game enhancements like FPS Counter, Crosshair, Display alignment, and Timer. This feature also helps pro-gamers improve their gaming skills.

Accurately as its name implies, this feature helps in optimizing the visual effects for different types of content. This feature can be accessed and activated using on-screen display settings on the menu or a hotkey.

Flicker-Free Tech
This technology helps in minimizing eyestrain for improved comfort when drenched in long gaming sessions.

Ultra-Low Blue Light Technology
This technology reduces the potentially harmful blue light emanating from the display. It comes with four different filters that help in controlling the amount of blue light that can be emitted.

Also, its connectivity features two HDMI ports, a 3.5 mm earphone jack, and a DisplayPort.

However, ASUS is yet to unveil the price for this monitor, or when it will be officially available.