Electronic Arts Has Signed A Three-Game Agreement With Marvel, A Division Of Disney

Electronic Arts Has Signed A Three-Game Agreement With Marvel, A Division Of Disney
Credit: IGN

The experienced video game publisher, Electronic Arts, and the comic book publisher, Marvel, have reached an agreement that grants Electronic Arts permission to create video games that are based on Marvel’s stable comic book characters.

Iron Man will be the first Marvel game that EA will develop as part of this arrangement; the company made this announcement just a week ago. The game will be a single-player action adventure for both personal computers and consoles, and it will have an original tale that is inspired by the Marvel character’s past. According to Bloomberg, the agreement stipulates that EA will develop three games utilizing Marvel characters.

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The chief operating officer of Electronic Arts, Laura Miele, recently disclosed that she contacted the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, four years ago to inquire about receiving guidance on how to effectively manage the several game studios that fall under EA’s purview.

Bloomberg reports that the agreement was initiated when she contacted Marvel’s head of gaming Jay Ong during the pandemic, and the two struck up a professional friendship.

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Walt Disney Company is the owner of Marvel, which includes the comic book characters and worlds that serve as the key foundation for the multibillion-dollar grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has spawned a number of movies and television shows. EA has other ties to Disney, including a collaboration with Disney subsidiary Lucasfilm on the Star Wars video game franchise. This category includes games such as Star Wars: Battlefront and the forthcoming Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

According to what Miele told Bloomberg, our strategy to create a balanced portfolio is one that is planned and deliberate. For example, there will be Marvel enthusiasts that only play the Marvel games published by EA instead of any of their other titles. This has proven to be the case with Star Wars.