Players Of The Sims Are Wondering What Happened To Their Access To The Project Rene Playtest On Their EA Accounts

Players Of The Sims Are Wondering What Happened To Their Access To The Project Rene Playtest On Their EA Accounts
Credit: IGN

The Sims: Project Rene’s playtest is available on EA, although some gamers have reported problems logging in. The next game, which will probably be dubbed The Sims 5, is being hailed as the franchise’s “next generation.”

The upcoming Project Rene announced at last month’s Behind the Sims Summit would have enhanced furniture customization options and cooperative gameplay. Since the original game, Maxis Studios has produced a number of The Sims expansion packs, each of which adds new customization possibilities for the player’s Sims and their virtual environments. Therefore, players have been anticipating Project Rene to see how it enhances the live simulation experience.

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EA announced signups for The Sims playtesters on their site shortly after Project Rene’s announcement, with the beta testing phase beginning on October 25. Playtesters have been chosen and notified, as revealed by EA Forum community manager EA Cade last week. However, a few players were experiencing trouble logging in. Some users reported that the playtest schedule they had been assigned simply vanished from their EA accounts. One member mentioned they had completed the mandatory survey but could still not identify the connection.

Seems like an error on EA’s end; no word yet on whether or not playtesters have been granted access to Project Rene. Intriguingly, participants were urged to bring as many as three friends to the playtest. This makes perfect sense since Project Rene will also introduce multiplayer to The Sims.

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There is still no information regarding when Project Rene will be released; however, many players are excited to see what features EA and Maxis introduce in addition to the furniture editor. The Sims has a history of improving the gameplay experience with each new installment, beginning with the addition of aging in The Sims 2 and vehicles in the Nightlife expansion pack for The Sims 2. In 2014, players of The Sims 4 could give their Sims new and often humorous traits with the introduction of Traits.