Killer Chambers Is Coming To Console From Village Bench

Killer Chambers Is Coming To Console From Village Bench
Credit: Steam XO

Killer Chambers is a unique dungeon adventure created and published by Village Bench. This title release on Steam back in 2019, and now it is looking at a port to console players. Enter a confined space, fire tons of bullets, and try to break out of the room. This is a game about experimentation, death, and puzzle-solving.

Enter into a bullet hell experience mixed with a platformer. With no space to move, bullets appearing around you, and the walls only getting closer this is a unique experience that will continue to evolve. Survive until the hourglass empties and move on to even more difficult rooms and challenges.

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You play as Brave Lord and you are challenged with surviving the Killer Chambers and defeating the boss that has been summoned. Your enemy is known as Lord Grave, and only through quick reflexes, good memorization, and skill can players make it through this action-platform experience.

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The challenge is simple, clear 5 floors and claim the king’s crown. While the concept sounds easy, this is a challenging and evolving title that will bring a new name into bullet hell gaming.

After Brave Lord faced the ghost of Lord Grave, he must now enter the Royal Palace and avoid the many traps that lay within. Die on a single hit, and avoid bullet-hell environments in a narrow space full. Quick-reflexes, trap navigation, and much more all will add into the evolving challenges of this title.

Travel across 40 rooms with evolving levels of difficulty. Each of the 5 floors is themed with unique traps and bosses, players must navigate more than 500 unique trap patterns if they are to claim the crown and survive.

This is a funny story with funny dialogue as you explore a visual novel styled adventure. Find items to help Brave Lord in his adventure, and weapon special hats which grant extra powers as long as they can remain on your head.

This is a dangerous game that will continue to challenge players through a unique blend of action, dodging, and puzzle-platforming adventure.

This is a title that relies on muscle memory and only through careful practice can you hope to make it through.

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Interested players can find Killer Chambers on PC through Steam. The game is planning on launching onto Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. This is a killer adventure full of bullets, rooms, puzzles, and more. Enjoy the pixel atmosphere as you navigate each level in unique succession.