The Sims 4 Gets Hyper-Realistic With Discover University Drowning Your Sim With Student’s Loan

The Sims 4 Gets Hyper-Realistic With Discover University Drowning Your Sim With Student’s Loan
Credit: The Sims via YouTube

The Sims 4 will be getting another expansion with Discover University. The leak got discovered last month, and AE was quick to make the news official. The video game company has also just released the official trailer adding details on the new features of the expansion.

As you might expect from the concepts of the Sims game from its long line of expansion, Discover University will include a potential degree path opportunity for your Sim. It consists of student aid options and the hyper-realistic promise of drowning your character in debt, so be wise enough.

The expansion features two institutes: tech and business at Foxbury Institute, and arts and humanities at the University of Briterchester. Enrolling your Sims in either university will give it the right career path and earn a degree in various fields.

Some of the possible professional paths of your Sims incorporate Culinary Arts, Language, Literature, Fine Arts, History, Art History, Communications, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Economics, Psychology, or even the ludicrous degree of Villainy. Though each college offers a different specialty, each one has a unique program.

Further, the game presents some options, including an athletic scholarship or an academic grant. Besides, there is the need-based financial assistance, or if your Sim is already trekking a career path, you can opt for a career scholarship. But considering the real world, if your Sim needs additional help, you can ask for a student loan wherein you can pay after you graduate from your degree.

The Sims game is a world on its own, depicting much of the everyday life problems our generation face. And to make the game even more fun and exciting, EA has created extra-curricular activities where your Sim can engage themselves with.

There are many non-academic activities your Sim can join, such as soccer teams and eSports. Meanwhile, to make your collegiate Sim more friendly, you can connect to a group and head out for a fun hangout savoring mouthwatering food and drinks.

Ultimately, just like in the real world, having too much fun and forgetting your studies will put your scholarship in danger. Though the gameplay concept can be a little complicated to start with, your Sim can pack their four years of college with difficult decisions.

Do you feel the excitement now? The Sim 4 Discovery University expansion will be available on PC starting November 15, 2019.