Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic and Quarantine, Sony Slows Down All Streaming Speeds In Europe

Due To The Coronavirus Pandemic and Quarantine, Sony Slows Down All Streaming Speeds In Europe
Credit: Sony via YouTube

Let’s discuss something pretty critical here: Back in the old days, whenever you wanted to get yourself a copy of one of those good old-fashioned games, you would go out into the streets and hunt down a real copy of the games. This would invariably mean that you would take the that bad boy home, pop it in, and just start playing. But more and more lately, the world of gaming has gone all digital, and you have to download these bad boys rather than order a normal physical copy.

In fact, some games don’t even come with physical copies. You have to go out and get them. So what does this mean? It means several things actually. At least it means several things in today’s current environment. Why? Well, if you haven’t been paying much attention lately, the folks over at Sony have decided to slow everything down because everyone is on the internet all at the same time is actually bad for the servers. Keep on reading below to find out more about all of this.

It happens to be a particularly simple calculus, really. The more people that end up on the internet using it at any one point in time, the more the system is prone to going down and breaking. So, if you think about this in terms of the scale we have seen across the world at this point, the decision made by Sony actually makes quite a deal of sense.

The way it goes is something like this: All across the European peninsula, there are dozens of countries that have ordered all of their workers to stay home unless they somehow qualify as what is being hailed as essential personnel. And here, essential really means essential.

So these people are out there, they are going out and getting their work done as quickly as humanly possible, while the rest of the lucky folks in the world get to set around back home and just chill out. Wow, lucky them, huh? Anyway, those at home are clogging up the system.

So the geniuses over at Sony have taken the rather unusual step of disallowing the fastest speeds on their servers for those folks who are trying to do the steaming at full speed. What this means practically is everyone in Europe should expect some delays in all of the game-playing and other services. Good luck out there, young cosmonauts.