Killing Floor 2 Begin Their Perilous Plunder Event With Double XP And Increased Drops This Week

Killing Floor 2 Begin Their Perilous Plunder Event With Double XP And Increased Drops This Week
Credit: Tripwirse Interactive via YouTube

This week, the developers at Tripwire Interactive are encouraging players to hop into the gib-party that is Killing Floor 2, if players needed additional reasons to step into the brutal mayhem that comes with the game.

Every time Killing Floor 2 comes into discussion, it’s always worth taking a moment to appreciate the visceral beauty that comes with it.

It’s what cements the title as far more than a first-person shooter that revolves around zombies and survival elements, and steps into what is almost an art form as you remove arms and legs from zombies, or turn their face into an image that only a mother could love. They spent years perfecting the system, and it shows with every round that connects on an enemy.

This week, Tripwire is pulling out all the stops to encourage players to rejoin Killing Floor 2 with a full week of double experience gain, quadrupled item drops, and items up to 50% off in the store found in-game. If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on an accessory or two to dazzle up your characters, it’s difficult to argue that there would be a better time to do so.

The event is called the Perilous Plunder Update, and it’s bringing a bit more than better drops for players.

The new community map Desolation has finally arrived, tucked deep into the jungle with various objectives in play on the map, allowing users to alter the map (and perhaps their chances of survival) by finding breakers and turning on the power.

Desolation is now available to play in the standard game with Endless and Survival game modes.

Along with the new map comes four new weapons that we’ve covered already: two DLC weapons and two weapons that are available at the kiosk between rounds.

On top of this healthy smattering of content (that includes a new summer skin for the hated Matriarch) comes new Desolation achievements, seasonal objectives, and a decent number of fixes and quality of life improvements. Finally, the title is also on a steep sale that sees the price fall below $10. If you still have any doubts, the title is completely free to play the entire week of the Perilous Plunder event.

If you’re in the mood for some grisly mayhem on top of fast and furious gunplay, you could do a lot worse than Killing Floor 2. It’s a cooperatively-friendly title that lets you while away the hours after a long day with friends, it’s friendly to casual gameplay, and you can get as sweaty as you’d like with massively scaling difficulty across a surprising variety of maps.