Tripwire Interactive Announces Four New Guns For Zombie Slaughterfest Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive Announces Four New Guns For Zombie Slaughterfest Killing Floor 2
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Murdering zombies just got a bit easier. Tripwire Interactive have announced four new guns coming to the stage in Killing Floor 2.

“Last week we gave you intel on an old outpost that may have information on the Patriarch’s whereabouts,” Tripwire wrote in reference to last week’s announcement. “We won’t be sending you empty-handed. Horzine research and design has a few new additions for you to consider adding to your arsenal.”

The four new guns are split up amongst a few different styles and classes, with the first being a wonderfully destructive shotgun for Demolitionists. The HRG Kaboomstick has increased pellets, double the magazine size of the HX25 Pistol, and an alternative fire option to shoot both barrels at once. It’s a fantastically chaotic room-clearer for those that like to see their enemies in a couple dozen pieces.

Next is a ranged weapon for Berzerkers, the HRG Teslancher. This assault rifle fires microwave rounds with an alternative fire “guaranteed to give mercs a shockingly good time.” The Teslauncher can deliver EMP grenades to help hinder Zeds, giving you a bit of breathing room as you slow the neverending flow of targets coming your way.

Third, we have the Glock 18c for Gunslingers. This bulky pistol has an integrated silencer and can be used both in semi-auto and full-auto firing modes. You can also pick up a second one and drop them both into full-auto to bring a proper bullet hose to the fight and clear everything out in a lovely burst.

Finally, Demolitionists and Support specialists are going back a few centuries with a flintlock Blunderbuss. This close-range cannon utilizes a single-action revolving drum magazine with three cannonballs, including a great amount of shrapnel on deck. These cannonballs will explode upon making contact with a surface or Zed, giving it great worth as a tool to clear out a more sizeable horde. Players can also hold down the trigger to detonate the cannonball remotely.

The first two HRG weapons will be free for all users, but the Glock 18c and Blunderbuss will be purchasable after the Summer Update Final Launch. Players that are interested in using these two weapons will be able to purchase them as Weapon Bundles with a heavy amount of skins and cosmetic customizations to alter them as they please.

With so many new ways coming to kill Zeds, the game is only going to get more chaotically gory. Grab your Kaboomstick and head down to the Killing Floor!