Brawlhalla’s Brawl Of The Week Has Begun, With Platform Kings Bringing A New Legend Rotation!

Brawlhalla’s Brawl Of The Week Has Begun, With Platform Kings Bringing A New Legend Rotation!
Credit: Brawlhalla via YouTube

Brawlhalla is continuing to change up gameplay with their new Brawl of the Week! This week pits brawlers against each other as they compete to see who can win a chaotically transformed version of King of the Hill.

Players will be able to jump into the Platform Kings game mode for this new Brawl of the Week. Four players will battle against each other to see who can move on the moving red platform and claim their title of Platform King!

There will be six platforms on the map in total, with the moving red platform being the key to scoring points. Try to stun your opponents to keep them away from the platform, which will change continuously around the map! Once two minutes are up, the player with the most points claims victory!

Platform Kings is a four-player free-for-all game mode that’ll only take two minutes from start to finish. Staying on the platform is the only way to gain points, so make sure that you’re constantly claiming reign over the goal! The only requirement to claim victory is to have the most points, so kills (and deaths) won’t affect whether you win or lose.

There are also eight more legends coming to the new Legend Rotation! The following eight Legends will be available:

  • Azoth, the brilliantly ruthless Lich Lord, wielding a bow and axe
  • Caspian, the showman armed to the teeth with katars and gauntlets
  • Barraza, a fearsome Wasteland survivor wielding blasters and an axe
  • Nix, a reaper coming to claim a bounty in Valhalla with her blasters and scythe
  • Gnash, the jungle-native Super Hunter wielding a grappling hammer and spear
  • Petra, armed with her orb, gauntlets, and variety of Darkheart powers
  • Artemis, the universe-crossing Legend armed with a rocket lance and scythe
  • Sidra, the Corsair Queen, ready to come into battle with her sword and cannon

These eight Legends are bringing are huge variety of gameplay options into the battle with a wide array of weaponry and unique skills to claim victory, whether it’s a standard game or claiming their place as the Platform King.

Through their battles with these Legends, players will earn Glory to spend in the Ranked Store tab. The chests are constantly rotating, but an in-game timer can keep you posted on when the next chest will come through. There are a handful of new items on sale here as well, so make sure that you take this week’s brawl as an opportunity to farm up some Glory and claim your well-earned prizes!