Update v1.4 Has Just Been Added To Assemble Entertainment’s Zombie Killing Apocalypse Game Deadly Days

Update v1.4 Has Just Been Added To Assemble Entertainment’s Zombie Killing Apocalypse Game Deadly Days
Credit: Assemble Entertainment via Youtube

Deadly Days is a zombie killing playground. It mixes zombie survival themes with a rogue-lite feel giving way to a one of a kind indie shooter. You just jump right in and start blasting away at the dead. After much work done by Assemble Entertainment, the 1.4 patches is now live in this strange post-apocalyptic world.

This new update brings the shadows of the night into the play. New lighting features have been added to the game drastically improving your ability to play after day. In addition to night-time improvements, the game has also just now added controller support for all fans of traditional joystick action.

The game has a fairly comical outlook to the start of their apocalypse. An in-game fast-food chain launched a new burger product on the market that had extra additives added in hopes of boosting sales. This extra ingredient turned out to be an addictive drug that shut down all areas of the brain except for the need to hunt and eat meat. This results in, well, zombies to some regard.

The survivors of this epidemic are either vegan or downright lucky, but now they must survive the impending apocalypse. That is where the zombie survival and rogue-lite mechanics kick in. You manage and protect a group of survivors as they search for a cure for this ravenous disease. You will discover tons of special abilities and lethal weapons that will aid in protecting your camp.

The update has added tons of light where there was once not. The lighting system makes it much easier to play at night by adding in semi-realistic lighting effects when shooting guns, looking at the fire, or trying to find the get-away bus. Full controller support has been added, letting you now experience this zombie shooter with a standard two-stick controller.

Aside from the big changes, tons of UI improvements and other small patches have been fixed. Thankfully, you will no longer have to worry about enemies getting stuck in barrels or your survivors getting stuck at vending machines.

Deadly Days was developed by PixelSpit and published through Assemble Entertainment. The game enjoys a healthy fanbase with a sense of humor, allowing the developers to make fun changes to their pixel-zombie experience.

For more information, check out PixelSpit’s main website. This game is available on PC through Steam and is a perfect addition to any Indie game collector of zombie fanatic’s collection.