Waking Is Receiving An Xbox One And PC Release Date, A New Emotionally Driven Action Adventure

Waking Is Receiving An Xbox One And PC Release Date, A New Emotionally Driven Action Adventure
Credit: Waking via Youtube

Waking is an emotional adventure from developer Jason Oda. After five years of hard work the game will be seeing its launch on Xbox One and Steam. A new announcement trailer has been launched to celebrate the upcoming release.

Explore a world that mixes third-person expiration with a guided meditation experience. As you take on the journey within the game, take a moment for an introspective look into self-reflection. This game follows the twisted paths of your own mind, and mixes it with an adventure unlike any other.

Battle against the forces of oblivion, and explore a world of mediation and beauty. This emotional journey will take you through a dying mind, and bring back memories of loved ones lost.

The game takes place in the darkness of a coma. From the recesses of your own mind follow the voices towards the light and beyond the void. It is not your time to die.

The game combines a third-person world with real-world meditation techniques. Your own mind becomes just as immersive as the game, and the quest will be shaped by you own individual experience. Do battle with monsters that want to keep you sleeping forever, and find strength within the memories of your loved ones.

This is a true meditative experience. There is a fine line between reality and fantasy, and as the game melds with your mind, it takes you on an emotional journey. Experience fear, desire, and loss in a dark yet beautiful world.

The world calls itself the Mindscape and it is a maze of shattered thoughts and rampant memories. As you explore the procedurally generated halls of your own mind, experience the dream world through a unique perspective. The entire world has been rendered into a cinematic nature giving it an immersive look alongside its dark story.

Waking is a right for existence. As you are trapped inside your dying mind, it is up to you whether to fight for your own life or give in to the dark oblivion.

The game’s unique combat system creates a difficult challenge for players to overcome. As you battle the enemy, you will find yourself face to face with your personal fear and take a literal battle against their darkness. Only your memories, willpower, and strength can return you to the waking world.

Waking is planned for release as of June 18, 2020. The game will be on both Steam and Xbox One, allowing players an option to their meditative journey.