SoundSelf: A Technodelic Is A Unique Soundbased VR Experience Now Availiable For Both PC And Mac VR Systems

SoundSelf: A Technodelic Is A Unique Soundbased VR Experience Now Availiable For Both PC And Mac VR Systems
Credit: Enter Andromeda via Youtube

Andromeda Entertainment has announced a unique video game experience in an immersive VR world. SoundSelf: A Technodelic is a unique and entrancing experience that takes players on a meditative journey. The game is controlled using your own voice as you hum and sing to change the environment.

The game takes advantage of a video game’s power to shape a persons’ mind. Rather than focusing on games being a distraction, the developers have created a meditative healing and calming simulation that is unlike anything else available on VR to date.

SoundSelf: A Technodelic is a journey into an altered state of existence. You change and control the VR environment using only the power of your own voice. Experience a hypnotic world of light, sound, color, and more as the music harmonizes to you.

The headset takes you through a journey of strobing lights, impossible shapes, and more as you start to fall into a meditative trance. This game is less of something that fans can complete, and more of an experience for fans to enjoy. Breathe in calmly and let SoundSelf relax your mind and body.

The game acts as a mixture between videogame trance and centuries-old mindfulness as it takes you on an exhilarating journey into an altered state. The developers recommend turning up the volume and relaxing as your voice guides you through an odyssey of color and sound, allowing your mind to resolve into a peaceful meditation.

SoundSelf has been the subject of a medical study done by scientists at the NeuroMediaton Institute in the US. Dr. Jeff Tarrant, the founder of the institution, has shown that SoundSelf can have a positive impact on a player’s mood, relieve tension, and increase positive states of calmness and happiness.

The developers rushed production to allow players stuck in isolation a way to enjoy and relax in solitude. As the US slowly becomes filled with stress, loneliness, and more, the developers thought their game could have a positive impact on the global community.

All research on this game and its effects are available on the Andromeda Entertainment main website. Fans should feel free to explore both the warnings and benefits of this title before making a purchase.

SoundSelf: A Technodelic is available on both PC and Mac VR headsets. The game is being sold for the price of $24.99 on Steam and through their main website. Be warned; this title does contain flashing lights and loud noises, so if you are prone to seizures it would be best to avoid this title.