Colt Canyon Is A New Pixel Loot And Shoot Game That Will Take Players Back To A Bloody And Old West Setting

Colt Canyon Is A New Pixel Loot And Shoot Game That Will Take Players Back To A Bloody And Old West Setting
Credit: Headup via Youtube

Headup Games announced this western shooter back in 2019, and now players have the opportunity to loot and shoot through a new western world. Colt Canyon is an indie game that will allow players an opportunity to make their way through the old west.

This title is released on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Players go on an exciting adventure through a 2D pixel shooter as you take charge of several characters and take down a band of evil bandits. Rescue your friend and dominate the west.

Colt Canyon plays like a rogue-like title as it continues to push out random levels over and over. Blast through level after level as you keep your trusty revolvers in hand and take down tons of different bandits.

Explore a hostile canyon full of hidden treasure, weapons, obstacles, and tons of bloodthirsty bandits. Enjoy a unique adventure as you blast through bandits and rescue your kidnapped partner.

As you control a unique cowboy unlock additional characters on a quest to save your friend. Take your gun and TNT and prepare to blast through all of the bloodthirsty scum that cover the desert.

Enjoy a roguelike experience that relies on skilled play rather than simply grinding. Each character and weapon will give players a unique way to navigate the game as you take on dynamic and immersive environments and enemies.

Enjoy a beautiful world of minimalistic pixel art with deep game mechanics that mix into a game full of replayability and difficult encounters. Randomized and persistent levels provide a unique experience that fans are sure to love.

Be warned that this title does include permadeath. If you make a mistake you will have to start over. This is an easy to learn game that is hard to master so expect tons of practice with a mix of skill. With difficult boss battles, players will need to be at the top of their game or they won’t make it through this challenging game.

Enjoy controller support mixed with support for various screen resolutions. This game is designed to be played your way, but will not change its difficulty just to suit your needs. Expect a challenging experience, unlike any other.

Colt Canyon is available on Steam, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Enjoy a unique western title that will allow fans more exploration, gore, and pixel-based chaos than any other western. Blast through the enemy bandits and save your partner in this unique western adventure full of guns, explosions, and more.