The Delay Of Iron Man VR Could Be A Good Thing For Both Gamers And The Developer

The Delay Of Iron Man VR Could Be A Good Thing For Both Gamers And The Developer
Credit: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

It’s 2020 and VR still seems to be going strong. Despite it being considered a niche spot in gaming, there are many who love these immersive experiences. One of the more anticipated games in this space is Iron Man VR for the PSVR. It has garnered a lot of attention since being first teased.

The very concept alone is a recipe for success. There’s just something special about Tony Stark as a superhero. He’s rich, smart, witty, and above all, has technologically advanced suits. Fans have wanted to become Iron Man for so long now, but unfortunately, it looks like they’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer.

That’s because Iron Man VR is being delayed, per reports from the developer Camouflaj. Although this is probably not what PSVR users want to hear, a little more time in the developer oven could be a good thing for everyone in the end. Yes, delays are not ideal. They can cost developing studios a lot of extra money and irk fans that have waited to purchase a highly anticipated title.

In this situation, a little more time to perfect gameplay elements is probably best. There are so many moving parts with any VR title let alone one featuring a superhero who flies around and shoots pulse lasers out of his hands and arms. It would be a travesty for this game to be pushed out before it’s really ready, which is often the go-to move for a lot of developers today. You can’t really blame them, though. Publishers put tight constraints on major projects, and developers feel the need to meet deadlines even if they are tight.

In the case of Iron Man VR, we’re now looking at a May 15 release date. That’s a couple of more months of waiting for those who’ve hoped anxiously for a February release. Camouflaj recently gave an update on the title via Twitter, pretty much saying they want to meet high expectations that so many have for this VR experience.

Based on the trailers, it’s shaping up to be one of the better VR titles. Hopefully, the extra time gives the developer the ability to perfect what already seems promising. Who hasn’t wanted to fly around as Iron Man, taking down enemies left and right? It could be an amazing experience. For now, we’ll just have to remark our calendars for May. It could be much worse.