There’s A New, Exciting Video Of An Elden Ring Player Taking Down One Of The Game’s Most Difficult Bosses With Just Two Hits

There’s A New, Exciting Video Of An Elden Ring Player Taking Down One Of The Game’s Most Difficult Bosses With Just Two Hits
Credit: IGN

This one Elden Ring player is so powerful that they posted a video of themselves defeating the game’s last boss, Malenia, with just two hits. One player recently released a video showing themselves dying 225 times to Malenia, the Goddess of Rot in Elden Ring, before they finally defeated her, earning her a reputation as one of the most challenging monsters in From Software’s latest action RPG.

The optional end-game monster Malenia in From Software’s successful game Elden Ring is widely considered one of the series’s most challenging encounters. Elden Ring was From Software’s first genuinely open-world entry in the Soulsborne genre. Still, previous titles, such as the renowned Dark Souls games, provided players with considerable leeway over how they went through the game environment.

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Malenia’s ability to wipe out many players with a single strike puts her in a league of her own, even coming from a studio known for creating some of the most brutal boss fights in gaming.

Going by the handle RS Lionheart, one Reddit member posted a video showing how quickly and efficiently they could dispatch Malenia, destroying all of her forms with a single blow. Gamer fans were impressed by the swift death of the terrifying monster, and numerous Elden Ring followers posted excerpts from Malenia’s threatening dialogue, each one abruptly cut off with a comical “BONK!” The encounter almost ended. Differently, some comments pointed out the player dying mere seconds after vanquishing Malenia’s second incarnation.

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Many players have come to like Malenia despite — or maybe because of — the brutal difficulty of her encounter. Even though Malenia is a relatively recent addition to the pantheon of complex From Software opponents, fans of Elden Rings have paid tribute to the dreadful creature in various ways, from fan art to Malenia Halloween costumes. Many players are probably wondering if even more challenging adversaries than Malenia will be available in the upcoming Elden Ring DLC.