Minion Masters Developer BetaDwarf Announces Restructuring Of Title’s Battle Pass

Minion Masters Developer BetaDwarf Announces Restructuring Of Title’s Battle Pass
Credit: BetaDwarf via YouTube

BetaDwarf recently announced that they would be restructuring the economy of their free-to-play card battling game Minion Masters. There’s plenty being changed, and we already discussed it partially earlier today, which you can read about here.

One of the main things being changed that merits its own discussion, however, is the new alterations hitting the battle pass system. BetaDwarf has made some hefty changes to the mechanic, especially in the rewards, and there’s a lot to dig into.

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The main reason behind their restructuring of the game’s economy is that BetaDwarf feels that the premium currency of the game is currently out of their control. Due to the fact that it’s so easy to earn, players aren’t purchasing the premium currency and instead are heavily grinding it, which doesn’t benefit either party.

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To jump into it, BetaDwarf outlines the full changes as such:
  • Price changed to 1250 Rubies
  • Now contains two new cards per month
  • One card will be set in Premium-only
  • Existing customization is being added along with a refund feature
  • One Legendary Skin, two Avatars, and Two emotes
  • Still contains new Customizations, and unlocking customizations that you already own refunds 20% of the gold value

Many of these changes are similar to previously-made adjustments, evolved from changes that the team made in the 1.16 patch. At the time, they were working on redesigning the battle pass to downscale the scope without sacrificing content.

“As a result of this, we’re choosing to reduce the price of the battle pass to reflect the lower amounts of new content being added, but also to make it more affordable in the reworked Minion Masters economy,” the developers write in their post.

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“We’re hoping that the addition of extra customization items also helps to make up for the value of that extra new card, being a valuable addition to both new and old players alike.”

It’s a sensible change – the battle pass will cost less, and also contain less. The rewards won’t be as focused on giving the players the premium currency that the developers feel like they’re struggling to keep, but they’ll still be worth getting.

BetaDwarf also wants to make sure that players are aware that adding these customization options to the battle pass isn’t going to make it so that they begin slacking on new content of that sort. “We’re still planning on having new skins, avatars, and emotes with the new pass system,” they insist.