BetaDwarf Announces Restructuring Of Minion Masters Battle Pass System

BetaDwarf Announces Restructuring Of Minion Masters Battle Pass System
Credit: BetaDwarf via YouTube

BetaDwarf has announced that they’ll be remaking the Battle Pass system of their free-to-play card battler, Minion Masters! The indie developers are reworking the system from the ground up, bringing new reward systems and more.

“Coming in Version 1.13, we have a large restructuring of how our Battle Passes function,” BetaDwarf writes in their announcement. “Battle Passes have been in Minion Masters for almost 2 years now, and we’re starting to see their place – They’re where most of our development goes, as new content takes time.”

One interesting change is that the Battle Pass is being renamed to a Season Pass. It will now last one month, though the team insists that the “value for your Ruby purchase remains the same as the previous Battle Pass system.”

Season Passes will still include a very similar way of rewarding players. However, there will be fewer tiers with only 50 reward tiers available on the new Season Pass, a considerable change from the previous system.

That said, lowering the amount of tiers might end up being a rather positive change. It was difficult for all but the most dedicated of players to be able to fill out an entire Battle Pass, leaving many rewards unclaimed.

Three new cards will now be added to the game with each season. This will also include one new Legendary Skin, three avatars, and one emote. It’s unclear if these rewards will be exclusive to the season pass or not.

In terms of rewards that are staying, players can still expect to find a large amount of experience, Shards, Rubies, and Gold in their season pass. There will also be multiple copies of other cards and 35 power tokens.

On top of this change, BetaDwarf is now going to be removing Season Tokens altogether. These tokens were felt to have given too much of a randomization feel to getting some of the best cards in the season, and have been replaced by the cards unlocked within the Season Pass.

All of these cards can be unlocked in the free version of the pass, but will be received faster using the premium version. Additionally, these cards will not be craftable until the beginning of the next season.

Each expansion will be lasting for at least three Season Passes, and each Pass will be priced at 1500 Rubies. Finally, if you complete a Season Pass, you’ll receive a large amount of glory on the new cards regardless of which pass you were using – Free or Premium.