BetaDwarf Announces Changes To Minion Masters Economy System

BetaDwarf Announces Changes To Minion Masters Economy System
Credit: BetaDwarf via YouTube

Recently, developers BetaDwarf announced some upcoming changes to their card-arena battling game, Minion Masters. These changes are set to significantly change the economy for the free-to-play title.

“As always, our continued goal with Minion Masters and top priority with these changes is to ensure that the game remains ‘fair to play’ for everyone, regardless of if you pay for access to new content or not,” BetaDwarf stated in their announcement.

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“We’re working to keep Minion Masters the most generous F2P game out there, and we don’t want to start pinching people’s wallets.”

The announcement goes on to state that the developers want to keep the game sustainable, which means they’ll need some measure of control over the economy. In this, they feel, they are currently lacking.

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To that end, they’ve altered the daily Free Resource exchange in place. They’re replacing the “Free Spin” resource, which gives one free spin of the Wheel and grants a free reward, with an offering of a free item in the shop.

This is primarily fueled by the fact that players can earn Rubies – the premium currency – from the Free Spin. This is one of the big reasons that the developers feel that they aren’t able to maintain control over the premium currency, as it’s so easy to obtain.

However, BetaDwarf also feels that removing the Rubies would render it uninteresting for players to use. To that end, removing it with constant offers for free in the shop allows the developers to implement more interesting daily rewards.

The developers also intend to alter the rewards for ranking up, which provides a considerable amount of reward to players. This is the largest source of Rubies that BetaDwarf intends to change, drastically lowering the amount that players can earn.

One of the larger issues here was that it also forced players to feel as if they needed to grind out Grand Master, the second highest rank (and the one that rewarded the most Rubies) for the ranked systems.

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Given that players could also grind this out on all three different ranked modes, players were able to earn a sizeable amount of the premium currency. It also made it feel that players were forced to reach these ranks or they were wasting their money.

There are plenty of changes coming, with these two only being part of what BetaDwarf has in mind to get control over the premium currency. The economy of Minion Masters is getting a considerable shakeup though, so stay tuned!