Minion Masters Receives A New Update, Massively Changing Balance And Adding A New Supreme Card

Minion Masters Receives A New Update, Massively Changing Balance And Adding A New Supreme Card
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

BetaDwarf’s Minion Masters is rapidly picking up in popularity over the last few weeks. As part of the marketing for their recent Saving Jadespark Jungle free expansion, BetaDwarf managed to have a couple of big-name streamers showing off their game, including popular Hearthstone streamer Kripparian and a few others.

With so much attention on their relatively-modest indie title, BetaDwarf isn’t taking the time to rest on their laurels. Despite just adding a massive amount of content in Saving Jadespark Jungle, BetaDwarf is still adding new content for everyone to enjoy for free.

The latest addition is the Empyrean card Zealots of the Burning Fist, a pair of divine warriors that work in tandem to deal heavy damage to their enemies – and themselves in the process. If one of these warriors dies before the other, the survivor gets a massive buff to help them dish out even more damage for the rest of their time on the battlefield.

The Zealots of the Burning Fist also show off the new model for the classic Divine Warrior card. There’s a new look both for the in-game model and the splash art helping the fighter really blend in with the Empyrean army and look… well, significantly better than it did before, to be honest.

But there’s more than just one card being added in with this patch. BetaDwarf is making a huge amount of tweaks to balance, as well as working to completely change the playing value of low-cost cards. A good number of low-cost cards have been tweaked to help with this, including Illusory Cleaver, Nether Bat, Screaming Scrat, and a few more.

Some of these changes are minor (lowering the damage of Illusory Cleaver) while some are pretty major (complete rework and nerf of Armored Scrats). 22 cards are getting reworks in total to help with reworking low-cost cards in general.

“The main idea behind this set of changes is to re-balance the value of one-drops,” BetaDwarf writes in their blog. “We currently feel that the mana slot offers far too much value for what should be primarily included in your deck for the cycling value, and we generally want 1-mana cards to be on the same power level as a Mana Puff.”

To suit this, they’ve also increased the value of many 1-cost cards. By doing this, they give the card more value than cycling value while also making it expensive enough to be justifiably powerful.

There’s a great amount of content and changes coming down the pipe. Now would be a great time to rethink and reorganize your decks, given the huge number of changes your collection just saw.