The Massive Survival Game Last Oasis Just Entered Early Access On Steam

The Massive Survival Game Last Oasis Just Entered Early Access On Steam
Credit: Last Oasis via YouTube

One of the more unique MMOs set to release this year is Last Oasis by Donkey Crew. It’s a game about a dying planet. In order to survive it and its harsh sun that’s hot on your trail, you’ll have to construct these massive vessels. You have a bunch of resources at your disposal to do so, but it’s not as easy collecting nearby items. There are a bevvy of challenges and monsters thrown your way for the ultimate survival experience.

If all of this sounds like your cup of tea, then you’ll be happy to know it’s now available in Early Access. Now, that means there will be limited features — but still, you should have plenty of survival content to wet your beak until this game officially releases in the near future. Last Oasis really is a unique concept that beckons to be taken out for a spin.

The mobile structures you’ll construct and pilot are known as walkers. They’re wind-powered structures that can help you travel the lands in convenient fashion. Considering how large this MMO is, you’ll definitely need them as to avoid sun damage and other threats that pop out at random.

There are plenty of ways you can adapt your walker too, depending on the situation at hand. For instance, if you need to reach high speeds, you can make this structure more aerodynamic. Or if you’re using it to haul a bunch of resources back to your camp site, you can add additional cargo areas for extra storage. The possibilities are endless and you really are only limited by your imagination.

When you’re not refining your walker, you’ll be doing a lot of exploring. That seems like an amazing aspect of Last Oasis that will make hours feel like minutes. All throughout your travels, you’ll have to keep an eye out for large monsters and other players. They can take you down and steal your resources if you’re not careful. Forming alliances and timing your resource runs will be key to your survival.

Another promising aspect of this game is its mysterious lore. You don’t know why the planet is dying exactly, but you want to find out more. The further you get into the story, the more secrets you’ll uncover for better or for worse. Last Oasis is an intricate MMO that seems like an amazing apocalyptic experience. Head on over to Steam if you want to put your survival skills to the test.