BetaDwarf Announces Minion Masters’ Next Expansion, Charging Into Darkness

BetaDwarf Announces Minion Masters’ Next Expansion, Charging Into Darkness
Credit: BetaDwarf via YouTube

BetaDwarf’s constant push to keep new content flowing for their strategy card-battler Minion Masters continues as always! Today, the developers announced the upcoming expansion for the free-to-play title, Charging Into Darkness.

We recently discussed their teaser for this in their latest patch, but it wasn’t until today that we had any concrete showings on what we could expect to see in the new expansion. While there’s still plenty more information for us to know, what we’ve been given so far is already incredibly tantalizing.

Charging Into Darkness takes place just after Saving Jadespark Jungle as it introduces a new adventure based upon recruiting more allies to fight against the Voidborne. A new adventure will be arriving to suit this theme, with players helping High-Mage Leiliel fight through the Whispering Woods to recruit her old friend, Lord Fanriel.

And with that story introduction of the mythical Lord Fanriel, we’re also given a peek at the first legendary of the new expansion! Lord Fanriel, the Stormcharger will be an 8-cost Crystal Elf Minion with Mana Surge. When no enemies are near, Fanriel will begin to cast Stormcharge, which gives +4 movement speed and allows him to deal double damage to the enemies that he collides with. While he’s a ground-restricted melee-only fighter, his high health and considerable damage make him an extremely powerful addition to any deck, with a great amount of synergy to bring to a Crystal Elf deck.

As far as card reveals go, though, that’s all BetaDwarf is letting out so far! The next card will be a 7-cost rare building titled Inactive Constructs, but the team isn’t giving any further information about it for six more days.

This expansion will also include three season passes, each with their own set of rewards and exclusive items. Each Pass will be available for 1500 Rubies, the game’s premium currency, and will last for one month. A Pass includes fifty tiers of rewards, including a new Legendary Master skin, exclusive emotes and avatars, and three new cards, as well as a great amount of experience and currency. If paying for a Pass doesn’t sound like your thing, however, there’s still a free Pass that will give rewards – though these rewards are less frequent and typically less impressive as well.

There will be plenty more information coming out from BetaDwarf as we come closer and closer to the release of Charging Into Darkness, so keep your eyes peeled and be ready to change your decks around to accommodate the new additions!