Psychological Horror Game My Beautiful Paper Smile Entering Steam Early Access This June

Psychological Horror Game My Beautiful Paper Smile Entering Steam Early Access This June
Credit: Steam XO

A terrifying paper-craft style game is coming to Steam Early Access on June 19. My Beautiful Paper Smile follows the story of a child raised in a facility where he must wear a smile at all times. It is a very dark and disturbing game that explores a strange world made of paper.

A demo is available right now on Steam for those that want a taste of this disturbing world. Make sure your smile does not fade as the factory tests you every day to maintain your happiness level. This is an adventure that will stay in your dreams and haunt your mind for a long time.

Enter a dystopian world where the mad king wants every child to be perfect at all times. Perfection, to the king, is a giant, happy, smile that is always bright and never fades. This creates a uniquely creepy aesthetic that is hard to find anywhere else.

Play as one of the Joyous, a child who must wear a mask at all times to show a smile that will never dull. Taken by the Authorities at an early age, you are now constantly watched and tested to ensure that no other emotion is present other than happiness. Any child that experiences sadness is taken away and never seen again.

Run, dodge, jump and explore a nightmare filled world as you try to escape the Joyous’ facility. Using stealth, players will have to sneak past obstacles and avoid the Authorities, but the true monster reside in the darkness. If you stay in the shadows too long, you will be pursued by a faceless monster.

Experience stunning hand-drawn graphics in an unsettling atmosphere. Free yourself from the education facility and uncover the true reason behind the entire operation. Developed in Unreal Engine 4, the game will play on most computers, making it a beautiful story to take the smile from your face.

Find more information about My Beautiful Paper Smile on their official website. The site is filled with trailers, screenshots, and more to give you a taste of the environment.

Steam Early Access launch for My Beautiful Paper Smile will be on June 19. Interested fans can go to the page right now and wishlist the title. Developer Two Star Games has really outdone itself in crafting a horror experience that is so unique that it will shock fans with the truth of the facility. Enter the darkness, and do not forget to smile.