Minion Masters’ Next Update Brings Rework Of Wild Cards, Huge List Of Improvements And Bug Fixes

Minion Masters’ Next Update Brings Rework Of Wild Cards, Huge List Of Improvements And Bug Fixes
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

BetaDwarf is constantly churning out new content, patches, and polish for their free-to-play strategy card battler Minion Masters. The latest of these is patch 1.12, which brings a huge number of balancing changes and refinement to mechanics.

One of these major changes is the application of a major rework to the Wild Card system. We wrote about this previously back when BetaDwarf announced they were making changes to the core gameplay mechanic, and it’s finally time for the application!

Previously, the Wild Card mechanic was used to allow players to build their decks with multiple copies of the same card. Decks in Minion Masters are made of ten cards, so each slot used needs to be picked carefully, with Wild Cards providing the option of filling more than one of the ten slots with copies of the same card.

To alter this, BetaDwarf hasn’t removed Wild Cards entirely but instead increased deck size – technically. Wild Cards will now be added as the 11th and 12th cards in a deck, allowing players to stretch their decks farther. Players must have 10 unique cards in their deck to play a match, and the 11th and 12th slots are specifically reserved for Wild Cards, so deck size still remains at 10 cards.

This update brings several more changes. For example, Expeditions have now officially been removed for the time being. The format is being replaced by a new Weekly Quest mechanic to earn tokens via Premade 2v2 instead.

Additionally, Attack Speed has been renamed to Attack Cooldown. There’s no real reason given for this peculiar change, and while it seems that it may cause some confusion at first, it doesn’t seem a big enough change to really matter. Defensive Spells will now be categorized as such in card view as well. It seems that clarity is the main thing being focused on with these changes.

Stormbringer will be receiving some new animations as well! Finally, the Guardian, Dragon Ball, and Shen’s Storm Staff cards have been removed from the Random Card pool.

There are plenty of bug fixes coming to Minion Masters with this new patch as well. For example, some keywords that previously weren’t searchable have been fixed. Another much-needed change is that the global chat will no longer cover the News board when opening the game, which was a massive headache. There are plenty of other small-but-vital bug fixes coming, so a look through the patch notes to see it all in full would be a good idea if there’s a problem that’s been bothering you!