BetaDwarf Celebrates Release Of Newest Minion Masters DLC By Giving It Away For Free

BetaDwarf Celebrates Release Of Newest Minion Masters DLC By Giving It Away For Free
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Indie developers BetaDwarf keep a steady stream of new content funneling into their free-to-play strategy arena battler Minion Masters. This weekend, the developers are releasing the newest DLC for the title in style.

While the game itself is free-to-play, there are still plenty of different microtransactions that players can purchase to move things along. While none of these are pay-to-win by any means, they can provide players with a quicker way to flesh out a deck.

One of the primary microtransactions are the numerous DLCs that BetaDwarf develops, each of which bring a vast amount of new cards and content. With these additions comes a great amount of changes to deck building and general mechanics of the title.

The newest DLC, Charging Into Darkness, brings an incredible number of additions, from new minions and legendaries to new story developments in the underlying lore of the game.

Rather than simply drop the DLC to the waiting masses and call it a day, however, BetaDwarf decided to do its player base one better. For this weekend, players are able to download the DLC for free rather than purchase it at its normal USD $15 price tag.

To be clear, this isn’t a demo or anything like that. BetaDwarf is giving the Charging Into Darkness expansion to players on a free-to-keep basis. Any player that downloads the expansion during this weekend will have full access to it forevermore.

The Charging Into Darkness DLC provides a huge number of features and goodies to players that install it. Focused primarily on the Crystal Elf faction, downloading this DLC will provide players with some of the most integral cards in the Crystal Elf arsenal.

Players will also gain access to a few exclusive goodies such as a legendary animated emote and a supreme-quality avatar. To top it off, the DLC comes with five power tokens to allow players to try their luck at getting even more goodies!

The following contents are included with this DLC:

  • 3x High-mage Leiliel
  • 5x Leiliel’s Vortex
  • 20x Border Patrol
  • 50x Crystal Construct
  • 50x Lone Scout
  • 5x Power Tokens
  • 1x Legendary Emote – Animated
  • 1x Supreme Avatar

Grabbing this pack will provide players with a wonderful booster pack to design a Crystal Elf deck around. The value of the pack is significantly higher than the usual price tag, and when it’s being given out for free, it’s absolutely a can’t-miss opportunity.

Of course, these cards aren’t the only ones being added with the Charging Into Darkness DLC. However, the booster given here will be an integral piece of crafting a deck that compliments the various other additions coming with the expansion.