BetaDwarf Shares Details Of Upcoming Saving Jadespark Jungle Expansion

BetaDwarf Shares Details Of Upcoming Saving Jadespark Jungle Expansion
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

BetaDwarf has been focusing in on Minion Masters and starting 2020 off with a solid bunch of content to release. Earlier this month, they released a new legendary minion after a vote from the fans. They also recently released the Stoutheart patch that brought a handful of new spells and minions, as well as a new adventure mode for players to enjoy.

With all of that in the bank, they kept the ball rolling with the upcoming release of their latest expansion, Saving Jadespark Jungle. This expansion adds a great amount of content with a focus on Zen-Chi, as well as new mechanics, new legendaries, and a handful of other goodies that you can read about here.

BetaDwarf utilized their Friday update blog post to share some of the new information they’re ready to release regarding the upcoming expansion. One of the new features on the way is a new Adventure that will help to outline the lore of the Empyrean invasion of the Zen-Chi realm. For that adventure, there’s a few more allies to utilize, including the legendary trio of Ting, Teng, & Tung, and the new Slitherbound Master, Akáal the Unbroken.

Looking at Ting, Teng, & Tung, BetaDwarf went ahead and showed off their three perks. The first, Green Fingers, plants Growthburst Shrooms in your side of the arena every ten seconds, providing a powerful buff to your minions. Additionally, casting a spell converts up to two active Growthburst Shrooms into a Shi-Hou minion with stats similar to a Battle Shi-Hou.

The second perk, Growth Burst, increases the range of the Growthburst Shrooms by giving the buff to any minions within a range of 5. The third perk, Call the Steward, summons a powerful ally that BetaDwarf hasn’t yet named, though they’ve hinted that it’s “someone you might recognize.”

On top of the adventure additions, Saving Jadespark Jungle is also bringing the second Legendary Arena to the game. This arena is based on Jadespark Jungle, and is filled with lush forestry and vibrant colors.

BetaDwarf’s final update is the upcoming TCL (The Challenger League) tournaments, with this weekend’s Volco Cup 6. Players can compete for massive awards in multiple different events, such as an exclusive avatar for anyone who participates. The tournament will be streamed live this Saturday at 14:00 UTC, so tune in if you’re wanting to see some carnage – assuming you aren’t competing yourself!

We still have a few weeks until the release of Saving Jadespark Jungle, but it seems like BetaDwarf intends to use these upcoming weeks to tease and trickle more information on the expansion to us. Once it launches, you can expect to see a powerful overhaul to the game with the addition of so much content!