Minion Masters Announces New Saving Jadespark Jungle Expansion, Coming In February 2020

Minion Masters Announces New Saving Jadespark Jungle Expansion, Coming In February 2020
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

January is almost over, but BetaDwarf is still here to kick off the new year with a bit of new content. They’ve already been adding quite a bit – a new legendary minion, for example, and now they’ve announced a new expansion pack to be released in a bit over a month.

The new expansion back will be Saving Jadespark Jungle, a Zen-Chi focused expansion that brings new mechanics and adventures. There’s quite a bit to know about the new expansion and plenty more information to come, but let’s lay out what we know so far.

There are two new mechanics coming, Holy Fire and Growthburst Shroom. Holy Fire hasn’t been revealed yet outside of a name, but we know that Growthburst Shroom cards will plant a mushroom in the arena that friendly Zen-Chi minions can pick up. Once picked up, the minion gains Giant Growth, providing a 25% buff to damage and max health.

Bounce Berries are often being added, currently existing as a feature of the new legendary Zen-Chi minion, “Ting, Teng & Tung,” which consists of three creatures stacked on top of each other that each count as a single minion. For every 33% of health lost, one of the minions falls off. Until then, they bombard enemies with Bounce Berries, which bounce to do half damage to another nearby enemy.

The other card that has been revealed is the common Zen-Chi ranged minion, Jade Flingers. These relatively weak minions are mostly used to grow Growthburst Shrooms, but stand strong without that mechanic as well.

There are plenty of new minions and spells to be released between now and the February 27th, when the expansion starts. Currently we know the names of the next two, High Inquisitor Ardera and Brother of the Burning Fist. More information will be available on these cards in five more days, with the next cards then being put up into the queue.

A new battle pass will be coming as well, available for 1875 rubies, the game’s premium currency, though there is a free path that offers less exciting rewards as well. The paid battle pass has dozens of new rewards on offer, with 125 tiers available (if you can progress that far). There’s an exclusive new legendary arena skin as well as two new legendary master skins, eight new avatars, four new emotes, and plenty of bonus experience, rubies, gold, and crafting shards to earn.

We’ll have to wait until the end of February to see the full Saving Jadespark Jungle expansion, but we’ll get to enjoy seeing the information come out every week!