Minion Masters Adds New Legendary Minion, Mal’Shar, After Votes from the Community

Minion Masters Adds New Legendary Minion, Mal’Shar, After Votes from the Community
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Minion Masters is adding in their first sizeable addition of content of 2020 with the newest patch. The new patch, Version 1.9, is kicking the new year off with a handful of great new additions.

For starters, the first notable addition is going to be a new legendary minion, Mal’Shar Shadowfork. This 6-cost assassin has similar stats and the same mechanics to the Voidborne Assassin already in the game, but has the added bonus of giving his fellow Voidborne minions the stealth buff whenever he gets a kill. Unfortunately, the stealth buff won’t give your minions the triple damage effect, but it still serves as a great way to get a few minions behind enemy lines or protect your more important minions before they can get sniped.

BetaDwarf has a few more additions coming along with the patch, of course. Arguably the most important is the fix to the guild conquest bug that they’ll be implementing. Previous bugs had caused incorrect amounts of Glory to be added to the guild’s score, often sometimes adding none at all. This effectively blocked many people from gathering their conquest rewards and had the power to mothball guilds if it hadn’t been fixed as fast as it was.

They’ve also announced the winners of the Frostival Fanart Contest, showing off quite a few different nominees. Ultimately, the Minion Masters Discord server voted on the finalists, giving the third, second, and first spots to KamiDaHobo, MissCritHit, and Garnet, respectively.

Finally, Minion Masters is announcing a reminder for Twitch Prime users to claim their free copy of the Accursed Army Pack. Normally a $15 DLC, Twitch Prime users can claim it for free and immediately add all of the goodies within to their account. If you’ve already purchased the account before this free offer, you can claim it again for extra copies and gems! The pack comes with the following items:

  • Three copies of Bahra the Witchwolf
  • Five copies of Blastmancer
  • Twenty copies of Undying Skeleton
  • Twenty copies of Once Bitten
  • Forty copies of Skeleton Horde
  • Five Power Tokens
  • Exclusive Legendary Avatar, Animated Nyrvir’s Breath
  • Exclusive Legendary Emote, Animated Haunting Hugger

Again, don’t feel bummed if you already bought the DLC before now, as there are plenty of perks from claiming your extra copies for more glory and gems!

It’s unknown what else BetaDwarf has in store for the rest of the year, but if 2019 was anything to go off of, they’re certain to be adding plenty of content. They’ve already added a considerable amount with the new legendary Assassin that 1.9 brings, as well as all of the Stoutheart additions they’ve recently made. 2020 is already shaping up to be a wonderful year for BetaDwarf!