15 Minutes Of Game Have Launched Their Debut Title I Want To Go To Mars For Mobile Devices

15 Minutes Of Game Have Launched Their Debut Title I Want To Go To Mars For Mobile Devices
Credit: I Want To Go To Mars via Youtube

A new fun and kid-friendly adventure has launched for mobile devices. Experience the curiosity and love of a young boy and his Teddy as they go on an adventure to Mars. I Want To Go To Mars comes from 15 Minutes of Game, which is an indie development team of two people.

Charlie Kenihan and Nick Margerison have worked together to create an educational experience that is great for parents and children to play together. Experience a childhood dream on your mobile device.

The two begin their journey after their sandpit is ruined by a massive rainstorm. Teddy and Robyn decide to go to a place that never has rain, is always sunny, and where they can never run out of sand.

Join the dynamic duo on an epic adventure to the red planet, as you navigate a charming point and click adventure story.

This is a narrative game for all ages. The entire game experience is designed to bring families together, and it provides a wonderful adventure for parents and children alike.

This humble narrative will have players exploring the colorful world of imagination. Design your own spaceship and explore space as you search for star fuel to further your journey to mars.

The hand-drawn style brings humor and meaning to the game. All of the parts look designed in a simple fashion, almost like cleaned up versions of children’s art. There are tons of fun encounters to explore, and even puns built in to give a laugh to both child and parent alike.

This game began as a summer project and entry into the world of game development. After a year-long adventure, the two developers decided to bring their game to life and I Want To Go To Mars was born.

I Want To Go to Mars is a quick and fun adventure that will teach valuable lessons alongside tons of fun. One of the developers has taken extra steps to work in their experience with education and youth, while the other contributed their love for the stars.

Interested fans can find I Want To Go To Mars on both iOS and Android devices. For more information be sure to explore the game’s pages along with the main website that showcases this title. The trailer gives a great preview of what fans can expect from this title. So bundle up your blankie, grab your Teddy and prepare for a journey that is out of this world.