Megabyte Punch Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch With Some Robot Fighting Action For A Whole New Audience

Megabyte Punch Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch With Some Robot Fighting Action For A Whole New Audience
Credit: Team Reptile

Get ready for some punchy robot action as Megabyte Punch prepares for its port onto the Nintendo Switch. The game was originally launched on PC combing elements of the Megaman franchise and Smash Bros. in a one of a kind brawler. Customize your own robot and battle it out against countless enemies.

Team Reptile is a clever development team who have worked tirelessly on creating fun and engaging games. Their latest release, Lethal League Blaze, is already seeing success on several platforms. Turning back to their first project, they are now porting their debut title from Steam all the way to the Nintendo Switch.

Megabyte Punch is a fighting game like no other. Travel through different environments and battle tons of robots to gather spare parts. Each part has its own powers, bonuses, and more, allowing you to build and customize your very own robot.

Explore a computer world where you fight to protect the Heartcore of your village. The Valk Empire is moving to destroy it with the dreaded Khoteps.

Explore six different levels, each complete with three stages and a final boss fight. The chunky graphics give the entire game a fabricated feel, and the boss fights provide challenging combat mixed with powerful rewards.

The entire game is padded with a beat-heavy Electro Soundtrack that will keep the action flowing. As you defeat other robots use their parts to upgrade yourself and build a better battler.

There are 150 different parts to find and collect, giving players countless combinations to create a unique and lethal fighting force.

For more access to parts, be sure to compete in the tournament where you will find rare parts ready to be harvested. Only the best can battle it out, so be sure to bring your entire punching and kicking kit to the competition.

the game comes loaded with local co-op and a versus mode that can support up to four players. With the Nintendo Switch’s joy-con support, this provides the opportunity for a battle anytime, anywhere.

This game has tons of reviews on Steam, and as it prepares for its journey to the Nintendo Switch audience, the game is looking sharper than ever. Be sure to check out Megabyte Punch on Steam or the Nintendo eShop where you can find it for $14.99. Build your own fighter, and battle for your village in this robot fighting action platformer. Only the best bot will win it all.