A Board Game Based On The Last Of Us Is In The Works

A Board Game Based On The Last Of Us Is In The Works
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Fans of “The Last of Us” are probably feeling a lot of excitement today, as HBO has accidentally disclosed the premiere date for the television adaptation of the game, which is January 15, 2023. In addition, an announcement has been made regarding a tabletop game based on The Last of Us, another reason to celebrate and revel in this news.

The announcement of The Last of Us: Escape the Dark was made through the official website of developer Naughty Dog, where it was also confirmed that the development team had collaborated with seasoned board game developers Themeborne on the project.

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Fans of Themeborne are likely familiar with the company’s Escape The Dark series, which has also produced Escape The Dark Castle and Escape The Dark Sector in the past. Additionally, Themeborne revisits previously released games to develop expansion packs for those games; this practice may indicate that Themeborne and Naughty Dog are just getting started on a collaborative endeavor that will last for a significant amount of time.

The actual mechanics of how The Last of Us tabletop game will operate are now unknown. Still, Naughty Dog has promised that further information will be available on November 8, one week from today. Even though the initial graphic of the game’s board makes it look not very easy, it has been stated that the game will be simple to learn despite the appearance that it would contain several features from the games that came before it.

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The likely reason for the board’s intricacy is that designers wanted to guarantee that no two games could ever be played in exactly the same way. It is explained in the description that players will collaborate to overcome obstacles and that this, in turn, will build new pathways, ensuring that the game will be different each time the same person plays it.

is currently no information regarding the specific aspects of the video games that will be adapted for the film. Still, the first image reveals that players will have some control over what happens to Joel and Ellie.