A Player In Modern Warfare 2 Has Discovered A Way To Easily Gain Thousands Of Experience Points

A Player In Modern Warfare 2 Has Discovered A Way To Easily Gain Thousands Of Experience Points
Credit: gamer

The latest Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 2, was just published, and much like other recently released games, it has several things that could be improved. It has been rumored that the game’s anti-cheat system will kick players out if they are using RGB software. After a few periods, the newly implemented ping mechanism led to wall hacks, ultimately decommissioning the system. And only some people are on board with the updated menus that have been implemented.

However, not every new bug makes Call of Duty players’ experience with Modern Warfare a living hell. If exploited correctly, there is at least one bug that can allow players to quickly gain tens of thousands of experience points in a matter of seconds. However, this only applies if the bug is successfully used.

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Ikcatcher, a user on Reddit, pointed out that if the game doesn’t want to be liberal with weapon XP, then I’m going to hunt for less complicated options. The top comment on the video reveals how Ikcatcher was able to build up what appears to be an infinite line of XP notifications, and the video itself shows how this was accomplished.

For example, if you place a suppression mine in just the perfect area on an open tank hatch in Modern Warfare 2, you can force the game to crash, rewarding the player with significant experience points for their weapons.

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Ikcatcher makes the issue appear simple, but another video on Reddit (credit to PC Gamer) demonstrates that it is, in fact, a great deal more complicated than it initially appears. If you jump on top of a moving tank, you will not only become an easy target for opposing snipers but also put yourself in danger of being crushed by a tank that weighs thirty tons and is armored.