Manager Of Pokemon Go’s Online Community Receives Death Threats When Bluetooth Is Temporarily Disabled

Manager Of Pokemon Go’s Online Community Receives Death Threats When Bluetooth Is Temporarily Disabled
Credit: gamer

Niantic was compelled to remove support for Bluetooth attachments like the Go Plus and the Poke Ball Plus because Pokemon Go was plagued by a problem that caused it to crash. This meant that users would no longer have access to the auto-catching feature and would instead be required to manually launch virtual balls toward digital Pokemon using the touchscreens on their respective devices.

Niantic reported that the flaw had been resolved earlier today, but not before community manager Kelsey Danger got “violent threats” in response to her remarks on Twitter.

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The original tweet has been deleted since it was posted, but Eurogamer claims that Danger claimed it was intriguing to observe how fans reacted when they were forced to play without their Bluetooth gadgets. This offended a certain subset of Pokemon Go players, as the author of the post hastened to issue an explanation, stating that she did not intend for this to be taken condescendingly.

However, some people did not accept her apology at face value. Compared to receiving violent threats via email, Danger was less enthusiastic about talking to people about the validity of deleting half of Pokemon Go’s systems thanks to an auto catcher.

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However, she was delighted to talk to people about the validity of removing half of Pokemon Go’s systems. Because of this, she decided to delete the initial tweet and clarify that, contrary to the belief of the irate Pokemon Go player, she did not, in fact, reside in Toronto.

The upbeat report is that complete functionality has been reinstated, which means that there is no longer any justification for anyone’s annoyance. Niantic has expressed its regret for any difficulties this may have created, and they have extended its gratitude to gamers for their perseverance.