Minecraft 1.16.4 Has Officially Switched From Pre-Release Versions to It’s First Release Candidate!

Minecraft 1.16.4 Has Officially Switched From Pre-Release Versions to It’s First Release Candidate!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft 1.16.4 full update might be right around the corner as Mojang Studios released the first release candidate of Minecraft 1.16.4 Release 1; recently, this update saw two different pre-releases added the social interaction screen allowing players to mute unruly players.

Minecraft has 131 million active monthly players; this large player base has led content creators and modders to feature a substantial increase in interest. This increase was also partly due to the most recent Minecraft event called Minecraft Live, which generated much more interest in the game.

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The first pre-release added the social interaction menu, which had a few bugs and complications at the first release, while the second pre-release fixed a large number of bugs that arose with this implementation or some small features to be added into Minecraft.

The first pre-release not only added the screen but also features some technical changes that Mojang Studios sought to add before their next large update, called the Caves and Cliffs update.

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The Caves and Cliffs update will feature various changes from new cave generations and even a new, tough to kill mob, called the Warden.

The first release candidate added an option to hide matched names; this feature focuses on servers that send chat messages in non-standard formats since this release candidate featured only a single bug fix and one feature change instead of a longer list.

This feature will attempt to apply chat hiding by matching the text messages, even for these non-standard messages. This will keep hidden players not shown even in servers that may use a non-standard format compared to other Minecraft server’s messages.

This release candidate also fixes the MC-202614, which relates to the Search function in the social interaction screen only finds names that begin with the letters you typed in.

With this release candidate, the 1.16.4 update is coming along very nicely and will most likely be available before the end of this current year.

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This could be due to how Mojang Studios is also shifting focus to start creating the Caves and Cliffs update snapshots or pre-releases. Since Mojang Studios is planning to have that update out by the Summer of 2021, and a large amount of content in the future update will mean a large amount of manpower will be spent implementing and fixing the Caves Cliffs update.