Minecraft Players Goes Out Of The Box, Completes The Game Without Mining A Block

Minecraft Players Goes Out Of The Box, Completes The Game Without Mining A Block
Credit: Hedgey via YouTube

Minecraft became a massive hit because players are only supposed to do two things: break blocks and build things. However, a gamer has shown that there is an unorthodox way to win the world-building game without mining a single block.

How is this possible? There are a couple of things players need to do. They must make a couple of village raids, gather some TNT blocks, and spawn at the end portal. A water bucket will also come in handy during a steep fall.

Hedgey gave Minecraft players a detailed breakdown of what must be done to accomplish this goal. They went from one village to another, pinching virtually everything which crossed their path. Some of the items included apples, bread, and pieces of armor.

Even planted seeds did not escape Hedgey’s stomping spree. After stepping on the seeds, they burst from the ground. Now with enough food supplies, Hedgey used them as explosives to blow up trees. This move produced wood to make a bench and a boat.

Raiding shipwrecks and exploring dessert pyramids became excellent Minecraft looting spots. Using the deceased creepers as TNT, Hedgey blasted holes on the floor to secure the chests. All of these happened in front of the golden apple, which can be used against the Ender Dragon.

Hedgey now has everything – a shield, armor, and an array of weapons – to make the dangerous descent to the Nether. Using old lava and a water bucket to craft the obsidian, they crafted a portal and jumped to the underworld.

Once in the Nether, Hedgey did not waste time looting the fortresses of goodies. They also had to keep a close eye on blazes. These fires would be useful later on, as they can be farmed to make blaze rods.

Hedgey then went on an attack mode, killing a group of endermen and utilizing their pearls to make eyes of ender. This is the part where lady luck smiled on them. Once they found the right spot, a cave system appeared, leading them to their target.

In their comments on Reddit, Hedgey shared it would not have been necessary for them to blast through the floor. This realization for them is part of the learning curve Minecraft players who like to think out of the box.

Surprisingly, the final battle proceeded smoothly. The water bucket proved to be handy in breaking some character-ending falls. For Minecraft gamers who want to see how Hedgey accomplished their feat, you can view a video on the Reddit thread.