Be In Control Of The Planet With Marvel Realm Of Champions, Game Takes The 1984 Comic’s Storyline

Be In Control Of The Planet With Marvel Realm Of Champions, Game Takes The 1984 Comic’s Storyline
Credit: Marvel Realm of Champions via YouTube

Marvel Games and Kabam are taking Marvel super fans to a great journey that was once captured in the 1984 comic book. The Marvel Realm of Champions would let gamers experience how it is to be in control of the planet.

The Secret Wars was a widely read series that ran from May 1984 until April 1985. Writer Jim Shooter and artists Mike Zeck and Bob Layton shared the story of the Marvel superheroes as they battled against the supervillains.

In an attempt to take gamers back to the storyline of the classic piece, a new game will be born soon.

At the New York Comic-Con 2019, the Marvel Realm of Champions was revealed. This is a real-time and action-packed role-playing game that sees who stands to rule the Battleworld.

In the upcoming title from Marvel Games and the creator of the Marvel Contest of Champions, so much is expected.

First, the players will be brought to the Battleworld, which can be found at the back of the Space-Time Barrier. As a forbidden planet, it has become the center of broken relationships, especially with the death of God-King.

No one wants to be defeated. Thus, each of the Marvel Realm of Champions Superhero Houses has to fight each other. Allies would group to gather enough strength and skills to be on top of the game.

According to him, the players’ journey would start from one-on-one duels in the Battlerealm. Meanwhile, everything would end in the battles of the Battleworld as they strive to make their House come out victorious.

These Houses are the Spider-Guild of Spider-man, House Iron of Iron Man, Pyramid X of the X-Men, and Patriot Garrison of Captain America.

For his part, Marvel Games’ Bill Rosemann gave insight on the adventure that awaits the Marvel Realm of Champions players. The vice president for creative said the players must always consider the House they would like to become part of. From there, they could start exploring the many things to make them win.

While the game seems exciting, no gameplay was shown in its official trailer. What is known so far is that it could be played in PvE and PvP modes. In the meantime, battles would happen in different Marvel-themed maps.

Keep posted for more Marvel Realm of Champions news and updates before its anticipated release in 2020! Watch out for the latest details about the available gears and corresponding abilities of each character