DeLight Is An Upcoming Story-Driven Adventure Headed To Steam In November

DeLight Is An Upcoming Story-Driven Adventure Headed To Steam In November
Credit: Steam XO

From indie studio DreamTree Games comes a unique adventure told from a unique perspective. Enjoy a new story-driven sensory adventure as DeLight is headed to Steam next month. This title has already opened its pre-registration for its release on mobile app stores for both Google Play and The App Store.

The PC version is up on Steam ready to be wishlisted. This is an award-winning title that explores the challenges of a wartime city. Play as a blind girl with a stray canine as you experience a game from her imagination. She can not see the reality and instead gives players a look at the fiction that she has built around her life.

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This title follows the story of a blind girl and a stray dog. when her city falls to wartime, she must travel the best she can through an environment that she can not see. This is a unique journey that is sure to enchant and delight all who follow her adventure.

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Players play as Sammy, a small girl who wants to reunite with her parents despite being blind. As the world turns into an unkind place, she must travel through her environment with an unlikely companion: Deli, the stray dog that follows her around.

Explore the world through the perceptions of a blind girl. Travel across a war-ridden city as she paints pictures using her imagination. As you travel along, you will have to adapt to a life without sight.

This game asks players to make decisions. Each choice will determine the fate of Sammy and everyone she encounters. Make tough choices and watch the game shape itself around them.

Your dog will be able to assist you throughout the journey. Sneak past soldiers, track paths and give you emotional support as you try to understand what is happening.

This is a war story from the perspective of civilians. Live among the people, learn from their lives, and see more than they ever will despite being blind. You must use your special sense to make it through the world around you.

This adorable tale is planning to be available on Steam, iOS, and Android device. Prepare for a heartbreaking adventure in a land plagued by war.

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DeLight will launch in November. The game is up on Steam for wishlisting, and pre-registration has already begun on both iOS and Android app stores. Take your place in line and prepare to experience a new perspective.