Stargaze Is a VR Adventure Headed To Steam Near The End of 2020, Experience A Magical Journey Through The Stars

Stargaze Is a VR Adventure Headed To Steam Near The End of 2020, Experience A Magical Journey Through The Stars
Credit: Steam XO

Stargaze is a new and unique VR adventure game coming from developer Played With Fire. This small polish indie development team will teach players about the magical qualities of stars. Enter a unique and mysterious reality as you explore beautiful events and become an amateur stargazer overnight.

As you explore the galaxy you will follow the adventures of the Little Prince. This entire game is stylized like a hand-drawn book giving the experience a unique fable experience. Feel the wonders of the cosmos as you explore everything in VR. This is an adventure of epic proportions where players will serve as both observer and tinkerer of events behind the story.

Gaze into space as you follow the adventures of a curious astronomer. As you travel along you will influence a galaxy of different planets and meet their mysterious inhabitants. Manipulate each environment by using your telescope and record each cosmic event by taking photos. As you fill out your journal, you will slowly uncover the secrets of the cosmos.

In your floating observatory, you will find all the scientific equipment needed for this journey. Use your journal, photographic set, and telescope to explore space at an epic scale.

Using your telescope you will be able to see light years ahead into space and use the bending rays of light to study planets from several angles. As you discover strange worlds you will be able to take photos and report your findings in the research journal for later reference.

This title is about exploration and relaxation. Look at each planet through a different point of view and as you explore find hidden items, new species, and secret planets that no one else has ever seen.

Depending on where you point your telescope will determine where you view the miracles of life. Watch each event unfold through the unique perspective found only with your machine.

This title, although based in exploration, does inspire change through unique scientific puzzles. By manipulating light you can help encourage change on different worlds and inside a brand new evolution for entire planetary systems.

Float through the stars and discover the secrets hidden amongst the darkest edges of the neverending cosmos.

Stargaze will release on Steam and VR systems sometime in the near future. The game is slated for 2020 but no official release date has been set so far by the talented and dedicated development team. Become a true stargazer and fall in love with everything space has to offer.