SUPERHOT VR Has Sold Over 2-Million Copies Since Its Release Across Oculus, HTC, Steam and PSVR

SUPERHOT VR Has Sold Over 2-Million Copies Since Its Release Across Oculus, HTC, Steam and PSVR
Credit: Superhot via YouTube

SUPERHOT is an interesting title, both graphically and gameplay-wise. After launching on VR, the game took off and now they are celebrating 2 million copies. The developer in-house VR team is made up of over 45 talented people who have dedicated their time and energy to creating this unique title.

The VR support for this game furthered the concept and made it even more interesting. In celebration for the game’s success, the developer is planning sales at multiple locations for SUPERHOT VR so be sure to find time to play this game. Check your personal VR store for more information.

The game puts you in a virtual world where you must commit body, mind, and bullets to defeat enemies. Lose track of reality and take on an elegantly brutal reality. Enemies pour out of every location and only dozens of bullets can solve the conflict. Blast, slash and dodge through tons of different environments in this slow-motion fast-paced title.

Since the game’s launch it has gone through several updates. Many cleaned up the title, while others made it more viable for VR systems. After sharpening their creation the game was accepted by fans all over, resulting in an intense title that challenges players in a unique way.

This game has won tons of awards both in its original release and in its Virtual Reality mode. The awards span over two years and show the love that fans have for this title. From the redesigned tracking controls to the heart and soul built into this game the awards go to show the results of hard work.

Any fan of VR should check out this title. It offers a unique challenge with extra modes that put more difficulty on the game. Test your aim and see if you can take out enemies with only headshots or race against your best scores in both the bullet-time and real-time modes. For an extra challenge, try completing the game without shooting a bullet and just throw guns at all your enemies.

Experience a new style of VR gameplay and challenge your skills at navigating intense VR environments.

More information can be found on Steam or the game’s main website. There is tons of screenshots, content, and other things for fans to check out prior to purchasing the title.

Interested fans can find SUPERHOT VR on their favorite VR store. Remember, the game is offering special discounts to celebrate their success.