Vetrix Is A Monochrome VR Puzzle Game Planned For Release On Steam May 21

Vetrix Is A Monochrome VR Puzzle Game Planned For Release On Steam May 21
Credit: Pixel Racers via Youtube

Vetrix is headed for Steam after a successful life on the Oculus Store. The game gives players access to a retro-themed universe and challenges them with puzzles. To complete this game, the player must demonstrate strong dexterity, organization, and geometry skills as they take on a different kind of puzzle game.

The game plays similar to Tetris but without gravity allowing the blocks to be moved around. Place shapes on the top, bottom, and sides of the puzzle area to complete lines and clear blocks.

Vertix takes a spin on the mechanics of Tetris and builds the game for virtual reality.  Experience a VR pixel world and place the shapes anywhere within the box that you want. As long as you complete lines, the puzzle will be solved.

The maneuverability of the blocks causes the game to become more than simply stacking and matching. It requires players to really think about the placement of pieces, and build towards the completion of lines on a 3D platform.

There are two game modes within the game. In Score Mode, players try to reach the highest score possible in 300 seconds. Time Mode flips this idea and requires players to reach the target score as fast as possible. These two modes provide a difficult challenge that players can meet with a little practice and a ton of luck.

The online leaderboards allow the game to share your score with your friends. Challenge other players to beat your score and prove that you are the best at Vetrix. 

This title blends classic concepts and seems self-aware of the era that this game is based on. Enjoy the stylized environment as you play a game based on a retro era and designed for a modern system.

Pixel Racers have created a casual puzzle experience, and by bringing it to Steam, they have ensured that it will be loved by a whole new audience.

The game’s release will be on May 21. Interested players can purchase this title on Steam, or the Oculus Store, for their VR system. Make sure that you have the entire VR set before purchasing this title as it requires full support.

There are tons of game for VR that constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. This game instead reminds players that simplicity can still be fun, and provides them with a classic VR experience that will match no other. Welcome to the world of Vertix.