Twitch Streamer Completes The Ultimate God Of War No Hit Challenge After More Than 1,400 Attempts

Twitch Streamer Completes The Ultimate God Of War No Hit Challenge After More Than 1,400 Attempts
Credit: Sardoche Via YouTube

No Hit Challenges have become fairly common throughout the game streaming world. But a streamer on Twitch recently scored a stunning upset win in 2018’s God of War, defeating the final Valkyrie (AKA the hardest boss in the game), without taking a bit of damage.

The clip, which can be found here shows the streamer combatting the Valkyrie queen before finally subduing the boss and having an emotional reaction.

The streamer in question is Andreas Sardoche Honnet, a former League of Legends professional who transitioned into full-time content creation. Sardoche attempted this challenge more than 1,400 times before finally pulling off the big win.

The Valkyrie Queen is a formidable boss fight on any of the game’s skill levels. Sardoche took that a step further, playing the game on Give Me God of War mode, the game’s hardest difficulty, while also in New Game+ mode, which scales up the enemies.

Anyone who has ever taken on the role of Kratos in this amazing game will tell you that the Valkyrie Queen is not to be trifled with lightly. To face her on maximum difficulty without taking a single hit is something truly remarkable.

The battle raged for more than 15 minutes, with Sardoche blocking and evading the boss’s lethal assault and massive area-of-effect attacks. He then timed his own combinations perfectly, inflicting maximum damage and disengaging before a counterattack could land.

Sardoche’s relief and excitement at having accomplished this task was evident from the moment the boss fight’s finishing cinematic started. He raised his fists triumphantly into the air before jumping to his feet in celebration. When he finally made it back into his chair, you could see an overwhelming outpouring of emotion. He sits there at a loss for words while the Twitch chat comes alive with encouraging words of congratulations from his subscribers. He even seems to be near tears as he reacts to his epic accomplishment.

The Valkyries are a series of increasingly difficult boss fights that can be encountered throughout the open world environment of God of War. Kratos and Atreus encounter these winged warriors of Asgardian lore all throughout the game. However, fighting each Valkyrie is 100% optional and they have no bearing on the main plot of the game.

In Nordic mythology, the Valkyries were a group of female warriors who decided who would live or die in battle. The Valkyries would then escort their chosen slain warriors to the afterlife.

God of War released on the PlayStation 4 console in 2018. It is believed, but not confirmed, that Santa Monica Studios is currently working on a sequel to the game for the PlayStation 5.