Death Via Chopping And Profanity Are Both Guaranteed In God Of War: Ragnarok

Death Via Chopping And Profanity Are Both Guaranteed In God Of War: Ragnarok
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The release of God of War: Ragnarok is rapidly approaching, and new information about the game has been gradually pouring in. This has provided us with a better understanding of Kratos and Atreus’s next journey together. We now have a new ESRB rating, which has disclosed even more facts about Ragnarok, and it sounds like things will be just as gruesome, gory, and explicit as they were in the last game.

According to the ESRB classification (thanks, GamesRadar), there will be plenty of combat in Ragnarok, and Kratos will utilize several weapons, including his axe, some chained blades that refer to the Blades of Chaos, and his good old-fashioned fists. Humanoid foes and fantasy animals appear to be involved in these battles, which will result in extensive blood spatter effects and mutilation. This is pretty much what any God of War fan should be accustomed to by this point.

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Warning: Kratos’s finishing maneuvers involve impaling his foes from close range with blades and hand weapons, as alluded to by the game’s MA15+ rating. It also says quite precisely that at some point in Ragnarok, Kratos would conduct numerous axe strikes to a creature’s neck, which will ultimately result in the creature being beheaded. Hel would be pleased with you.

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The final caution issued by the ESRB is related to offensive language, and it states that players should be aware that the words “f**k” and “sh*t” are spoken during gameplay. Of course, on their travels across the Nine Realms, Kratos and Atreus would be completely within their rights to yell out a few cuss words here and there; nonetheless, it would be to their advantage to keep the tone of their conversation PG-13. Given that Brok is virtually the only person who can utter profanities in the original game, this fact suggests that he will almost certainly play a significant role in the sequel as well.